Malawi Video Tells Where Your Donations Go

Malawi Project

The Seneca Falls Rotary Club teamed up with Duprey Video Productions of Waterloo to create an outstanding video to show exactly how a portion of the money raised by the Annual Rotary Music Festival at Goose Watch Winery gets used.

The Malawi irrigation project now reaches more than 19 villages in Malawi, supplying residents with much needed water which allow them to raise food throughout the year. Rotary also helps support a school and several self-sustaining projects that allow these incredible people to live better, healthier lives because of their own initiative.

Help us support this important project.

Seneca Falls Rotary & Clifton Springs Rotary Partner Projects in the Malawi Children’s Village Catchment Region, Malawi, Africa from Duprey Video Productions on Vimeo.

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